Encaustic Workshops and Retreats with Suzanne


Please join me for an exploration into the enriching art of encaustic painting. I offer a variety of workshops and retreats for both aspiring and advanced artists. During our time together, you’ll gain knowledge and skill using this ancient medium, from the foundations of safety and preparing your workspace to learning a wide range of techniques, such as embedding, accretion, collage, incising, shellac burns, image transfers, integrating oil and pastel into your work, and much more. 

My workshops and retreats are designed for all skill levels and change often so make sure you check the schedule to find the class and date you want. If you’re new to encaustic and interested to try something new and creative, you will leave with a strong overview of this art form, plus some finished pieces! For those who’ve worked with with this medium before, you will have an opportunity to push your work to the next level.

The studio space is limited to small groups (three max) offering a personalized experience in a fun and intimate setting.

Classes are small and book fast.  Ready to book? Click here to enroll.

Also message me to book one-on-one private lesson.